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NT21 & 22 Intermediate Greek I & II

Description: Study of Greek syntax: cases, the article, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, voice, moods, tenses, infinitives, participles, and Greek clauses. An introduction to structural analysis is presented. Readings in the Gospel of Matthew are required. Prerequisite NT11 & NT12 or their equivalent.

Professor: Dr. Sidney Dyer



  • Intermediate Greek I: 2 hrs.
  • Intermediate Greek II: 2 hrs.

Students' Comments:

  • "Dr. Dyer is a very generous and gracious instructor, and his passion for the material is encouraging. The Wallace textbook is very thorough, and will prove a helpful reference for future ministry."
  • "The exegetical and theological side points are definitely the strongest part of this class."
  • "Dr. Dyer is a very supportive and encouraging instructor. He clearly wants to see students succeed and goes out of his way to help them do so."
  • "Outstanding exegetical material/tips. Appreciate Dr. Dyer's attitude and graciousness."

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