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Cycle of Course Offerings

This chart represents when in the academic year each course will be offered. Laid out in a four-year progression, this cycle assumes a student taking the full Divinity curriculum in sequence. Note that students are expected to take at least one course per winter term in order to graduate under this schedule. Some semester courses are currently offered as intensive courses.

Exegetical Theology

This department embraces all instruction in the Old and New Testaments. Students learn the principles of hermeneutics, exegesis, and textual criticism in order to acquire the ability to make sound judgments concerning the translation and interpretation of the Scriptures. The student learns the proper understanding of the covenantal structure of the Scriptures and also how that structure determines our interpretation of the Bible.

Historical Theology

This department introduces students to the history of God's people from the early church to the present. Church History, considered in four periods (Ancient, Medieval, Reformation, and Modern), pays particular attention to the development of doctrine. Please note that ST 11 as well as AP 11, 13, or their equivalent, are prerequisites for each of the historical theology classes. All church history classes must be taken sequentially (Medieval should follow Ancient, etc.).

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology deals with doctrines in a topical manner, traditionally known as the “Theological Encyclopædia.’’ Note ST11 and one year of Hebrew and Greek are prerequisites for ST31-43 for Divinity students. All Divinity students are required to take the ST courses in order.

Applied Theology

The Applied Theology department, while building on the work done in other departments, introduces students to the practical aspects of the work of the ministry and the life of the local church. Thus the emphasis falls upon the principles and the practice of preaching, pastoral work, and administration.

Apologetics & Ethics

This department seeks to ground students in the basic principles of sound argumentation, debate, and discourse, and equip them with a basic understanding and critique of various currents of thought, both past and present, that they will encounter in their study and defense of theology. Emphasis is on developing and applying a sound apologetic method and ethics from a Van Tilian and Presuppositionalist perspective.

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