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The quality of the ministry of a Ruling Elder (RE) or a Deacon (D) depends on his personal devotion to the Lord, his knowledge of the Word, his understanding of biblical church government, and his specific function within that system of government. Therefore, the proper training for a RE/D or for a candidate for those positions is of great importance to the church. The M.M.R.E. and M.M.D. programs include training in personal piety, knowledge of the Bible, understanding of Presbyterian church government, and the role of the RE/D in the church. The M.M.R.E. program is designed to help the Ruling Elder function not only at the local church level, but at presbytery and General Assembly level. The M.M.D. program is designed to help the Deacon see his role in terms of the local church and the wider church.


The requirements of the M.M.R.E. and M.M.D. program may be completed in as little as two years of full-time study. The degree may also be completed under the Mentor-supervised Distance Education program (see p. 24 of the Academic Catalog). However, the Seminary cautions against a Ruling Elder over-extending himself by rushing through the program. Therefore, the candidate may take up to five years to complete the program. This time limit may be extended by faculty vote.


Admission to the M.M.R.E./M.M.D. program is restricted to ordained Ruling Elders/Deacons, or other men who have been recommended by their church leadership to enter the program. Applicants seeking the M.M.R.E./M.M.D. degree must hold a B.A. degree or its equivalent. Applicants without a B.A. may be admitted to the program but will receive a Certificate in Ministry for Ruling Elders or Deacons. All interested men who meet the above qualifications are invited to apply. Applications can be obtained by writing to the Admissions Office or completed online.

the ruling elder / deacon curriculum

The curriculum is divided into two segments. Segment 1 gives the candidate a solid grounding in Bible knowledge and basic Reformed doctrine. Segment 2 grounds the RE/D in the practice of ministry and its relation to the broader work of the church.

COURSEHrs (Total 35)
Segment I
ST11Intro. to Reformed Theology3
ST32Creation, Man & Sin3
AT11Reformed Spirituality2
ST41Christ & Salvation3
Segment II
HT10Presbyterian Church History2
ST42Ecclesiology & Polity3
AT40Reformed Pastor3
AT30Reformed Worship2
AT41Evangelism and Missions4
AT42Christian Education2
AT46Pastoral Counseling3

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