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Adjunct Professor - Applied Theology

Education: A.B., Temple University, 1967; M.A., 1972; B.D., Westminster Theological Seminary, 1970; Th.M., 1973; Graduate studies, Westminster in California, 1989; Ph.D. Whitefield Theological Seminary 1996.

Positions: Director, Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, 1970-1974; Pastoral ministry, New Jersey, 1974-1982; Director, Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship, 1982-2006; Westminster in California, 1982-2006; Pastor, Covenant Community Church (OPC), Taylors, SC, 2006-2008; Professor, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA, 2008-present.

Author: The Pauline Concept of SUNEIDESIS; Timothy, Titus and You.

Articles (selected): "The Limits of Confidentiality in Counseling"; "Who Owns Children of Divorce?"; "Self-Esteem is Sweeping over America"; "The Biblical Ethics of Transsexual Operations"; "The Biblical Battle for the Family: a Theology of Family Life"; "How Important is the Biblical Counseling Movement?"; "The Christian Worldview of Psychology and Counseling".


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