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Professor - Greek & New Testament

Education: B.A. Bob Jones University, 1977; M.A. Bob Jones University, 1979; Ph.D. Bob Jones University, 1984.

Positions: Professor, Providence Theological Seminary, 1988-1990; Pastor, Agape Presbyterian Church (OPC), 1991 - 2001; Vice President, West Indies Reformed Ministries, 1997 - 2000; Local Board Member, Bethany Christian Services, 2003 - 2006; OPC Committee on Christian Education, Class of 2012.

Author: An Introductory Grammar to Biblical Hebrew, A Preparatory Grammar to New Testament Greek.

Articles: "The Lucan Intent of Acts," (Biblical Viewpoint, 1985); "The Salvation of Believing Israelites Prior to the Incarnation of Christ," (Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, 2001); "N.T. Wright's Ecumenical Agenda," (New Southern Presbyterian Review, 2002).; "Inspired With Errors: An Oxymoron," review of The Divine Authenticity of Scripture by Andrew T. B. McGowen. Ordained Servant, Vol. 20, 2011, p. 159.

Contributor: Biblical Viewpoint; Did God Create in Six Days?; Holman Christian Standard Harmony of the Gospels, "The Geographical Setting of the Gospels".

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