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space GPTS Welcomes Record Incoming Fall Class!


August: The sweltering heat of a South Carolina summer, a new semester and a new year of preparation for a vital calling: the ministry of the Gospel. Our 2011-12 academic year begins Monday, August 22 with class registrations and orientation for a record-size incoming class. A welcome dinner for new students will be held at the Seminary Commons at 6 p.m. on Monday. Fall classes at GPTS begin on Wednesday, August 24.


Our annual Academic Convocation will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 23. The Convocation address will be presented by Rev. Cliff Blair, M.Div., a 2003 honors graduate of Greenville Seminary and now pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Charlotte, N.C. He also teaches Reformed theology at Greyfriars Classical Academy in Matthews, N.C.


As of the date of this writing, 28 students have been accepted for the Fall 2011 class, with another six having their applications in final processing. Among those admitted or in process are international students from Europe, Asia and Africa. Eleven of the 28 will be on-campus students; the others are in the distance program. Six additional applicants are not likely to begin as soon as this semester.


Accepted for the Fall semester are the following (all M.Div. candidates unless otherwise designated): John Blevins (B.D.), Scot DeBord (M.M.D.), Jamie Brunson, Christopher Campbell, Jeffrey Carter, Scott Cook, Matthew Dwyer (M.M.R.E.), Douglas Helton, Joshua Hinson, Jeremy Huntington, Lowell Ivey, Jae Kim, Robert Ladwig, Josh Lauer, Xing Liu, Jim McCarthy, Brian McCullough, John Oglesbee (B.D.), Bradley Peppo, Jesse Pickett, David Shannon (B.D.), Jason Short, Daniel Stanley (Special), Peng Tiantang, Cornelis Van Wingerden, Peter Vandgaard (M.M.R.E.), Mark Vasnaik, and Isaac Koko (B.D.).


Applications in final processing include those from Eric Casey (B.D.), William Casey (B.D.), Johnnie Gladden, Murat Ozertekin, Don Welker, and Joseph Hillman.


Please pray for God's blessing on these students as they begin their preparation for the high calling of Gospel ministry.


Building On An Old Foundation: Brick by Brick


When Greenville Seminary began its capital project to renovate the old Taylors High School several years ago, we offered supporters an opportunity to memorialize themselves, a loved one, historical figure, cause, church, business, or other favorite entity with an engraved commemorative brick. Many responded, and our campus is now graced with a brick memorial plaza near the front entrance of our beautiful building on Main Street in Taylors, S.C.


This month we are renewing this opportunity. There are still many spaces left for your brick. This is a wonderful way for individuals, families, churches and businesses to become a permanent part of our campus. Family, alumni, friends or church groups can request that their bricks be placed together. Each single brick can have up to three lines of text with up to 20 characters per line (including spaces).

Cost per brick:

Individuals or families = $100.00
Churches, Businesses or Corporations - $250.00

You may group multiple bricks as illustrated in the photo at the left.







Photo below: Two brick displays are installed along the entrance walkway.



Order your brick(s) online here: Order Form


Pay for your brick order here (you can specify quantity before checkout):

Donor Type


Or download a printable mail-in order form.


For more information on the "buy a brick" program please contact our development office.


Where There's a Will,

There's a Way


So many in our present world are short-term minded, living only for today with no thought for tomorrow. This seminary is blessed by having some supporters who are long-term minded and future oriented. These folks have included GPTS in their wills and have told us of their legacy plans.


If you have done similarly, but have not told us, it would be a help and comfort to us to know about your goodwill. Please drop us a note and let us know. If you have not named GPTS as a beneficiary in your will, may we respectfully request you give consideration to that option. We would be happy to help you with your estate planning. Contact our Development Office.


An Uncommon School: the GPTS Introductory Video


Do you know someone who may be wondering what Greenville Seminary is all about? Maybe you have been wondering. What makes this seminary so unique in today's drifting world of theological education? One of the best ways to answer that question is with our impressive 16-minute DVD entitled "An Uncommon School for Uncommon Times." We would be happy to send you a free copy to show to your friends, church or prospective students. In fact, let us know if you would like a quantity for distribution. (Also available in VHS tape format.) You can preview the video below and learn how GPTS is all about getting back to biblical basics in today's trendy, shifting theological milieu.


An Uncommon School for Uncommon Times

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary




Alumni Connections


Attention GPTS Alumni! We cherish all whom God has led in the past to study at Greenville Seminary, and we want to stay connected. If you are an alumnus, please take a moment to update your personal and vocational information. You can also help us improve by evaluating your experience at GPTS. We have already received a number of valuable insights and suggestions from thoughtful former students answering our survey. Start here. And please read a special message from new Alumni Association President Matt Holst.




How Are We Doing? Please be Frank!


God has blessed us with numerous faithful supporters over the years, many of whom give consistently on a monthly or other periodic basis. Others have given in the past, but we have not heard from them for some time. If you are someone who has not sent a contribution lately, perhaps you would be willing to share with us your reasons. In order to continue and improve our work of outreach and training men for the ministry, we are seeking to understand people's reasons for discontinuing or interrupting their regular support. You can greatly help us if you will fill out a short online survey, which will be anonymous unless you wish otherwise. Thanks for taking time to respond. [Click here]

  Traveling This Summer? Find a Good Church to Attend on Vacation  

Check out our web site page called Church Connections. Here you will find a link to a Travelers' Directory listing churches you can attend with confidence that you will find a biblical worship experience while on the road.


On this page are other links to valuable information, such as our Open Pulpit listings of churches seeking pastors or staff.



The tables below show our financial condition as of the first month of our 2011-12 Fiscal Year. We are grateful to God and our supporters for helping us end our previous fiscal year general fund operations evenly. Our 2010-11 fiscal-year-end balance has been used to meet critical obligations, so we stand at the beginning of our new fiscal year in urgent need of critical support for the rest of the summer and beginning of our new academic year this month. Your special gift would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much to those who responded generously to our recent summer financial appeal. If you haven't done so, we invite you to consider this need. Click here.


General Fund for July 2011
  July Budget July Actual July Actual v. Budget
Expenses $79,338
Other Income
Total Income
Net Income
-$30,852 -$30,420
  Fiscal Year to Date Budget Fiscal Year to Date Actual Fiscal Year to Date Actual v. Budget
Expenses $79,338 $72,672 +$6,666
$60,486 $32,936 -$27,550
Other Income $18,440 $8,884 -$9,556
Total Income $76,906 $41,820  -$37,086
Net Income -$432 -$30,852 -$30,420
Capital Fund Update
Goal $3,500,000
Received $2,484,121
Outstanding Pledges $714,716
New Income Needed $301,163
Outstanding Bills $55,000
Monthly Note $4,891
Remaining Mortgage $1,081,794

If you would like to make a convenient online donation to Greenville Seminary, click the  "Donate" button below. Whether or not you can contribute financially, here is another way you can help the seminary: Do you know someone that would be interested in learning more about our organization or supporting us? If so, fill out the form here and an e-mail message with a link to our website will be sent to them. Thank you for your continued support for Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.




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Perspectives on the Sabbath presents in point-counterpoint form the four most common views of the Sabbath commandment that have arisen throughout church history, representing the major positions held among Christians today.

Greenville Seminary President Dr. Joseph A. Pipa Jr. backs the Christian Sabbath view which reasons that ever since the resurrection of Christ, the one day in seven to be kept holy is the first day of the week.


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