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The Mount Olive Tape Library, Inc. was formed in 1969 in Mississippi under the oversight of the late George M. Calhoun, a rural postal carrier and Presbyterian elder. Thirsting for a deeper knowledge of the Reformed faith and desiring to pass that on to others, Mr. Calhoun eventually collected and recorded audio of nearly 10,000 sermons and lectures. These were made available for rent via cassette tape for a minimal fee, and through this tape ministry, thousands of individuals were given access to materials that would normally have been beyond their reach. Soon after the death of Mr. Calhoun in 2001, an effort was made to begin digitizing the content of the library in order to expand the reach of the ministry.

To date, over 4600 audio files have been digitized and posted online. The postings of the library have consistently averaged around 20,000 downloads per month and are being accessed across the globe by pastors and laymen alike, many of them having no access to similar lecture materials and sermons in their own countries and language. Speakers featured in the collection, among many others, include: Cornelius Van Til, John Murray, Leon Morris, O. Palmer Robertson, C. Gregg Singer, Morton H. Smith, and Walter Chantry. The library covers a wide range of topics in biblical studies, church history, apologetics, and ethics.

In 2006 the stewardship of the library was given to Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the Smith-Singer Library, which currently maintains the postings on SermonAudio.com, archives the master tapes, and collects and digitizes additional material as funds are available. The postings of the Mt. Olive Tape Library, as well as many recordings from GPTS chapel services and special events, are available free of charge through our website and www.SermonAudio.com. It is our prayer that these materials will continue to provide rich spiritual nourishment for years to come.

If you have benefited from this audio ministry, please consider how you can help expand its outreach. There are several ways to do this:

First, you can encourage your friends to use the GPTS & Mt Olive Tape Library postings for their own personal edification. They can easily find sermons and lectures to listen to while exercising, traveling, or even while cleaning the house or crocheting a blanket.

Second, if your church has hosted and recorded (or will be hosting and recording) conferences and/or special speakers, please encourage your session to consider sending copies of the master recordings to GPTS so that the body of Christ around the world can benefit from them. We are interested in a broad range of materials (biblical exposition, topics related to family life, church history, worldview issues, etc.). We would especially like to obtain recordings of Dr. Pipa or any of the GPTS faculty that have spoken at your church. Once we have received a quality copy of a master CD or cassette, we will convert it to MP3 format and upload it to SermonAudio.

Third, if your church has considered posting audio to the web, please consider using www.SermonAudio.com, our partner in this audio minstry. If you decide to use their services and you mention that you were referred to them by GPTS, the seminary will receive coupons that can be used to feature GPTS and the audio contained in the GPTS & Mt Olive Tape Library collection on the SermonAudio main page.

Fourth, you or your church may want to support the audio ministry of the seminary directly. If so, you can use the donation button on this page (coming soon) or send funds directly to the seminary to be applied to our audio ministry. Please include these matters in your prayers and discuss them with your session. This is an opportunity to partner with us in a far-reaching, truly worldwide, part of our ministry.

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