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Candidates Seeking A Call

As part of our placement services, GPTS offers this space in order for you to acquaint yourselves with our graduates and other like-minded ministerial candidateswho are seeking a call to the ministry. Please feel free to contact us, the candidate, or any of his listed references if you need more information.

GPTS offers the following placement service to our graduates as a benefit of graduating. If you are a GPTS alumni or an individual who is completely aligned with our doctrinal distinctives and would like to list your credentials on this page, please contact development@gpts.edu.

Jonathan Hunt
Jonathan Hunt / Jackson, Miss.
As one who is called to pastoral ministry, it is my goal to equip the saints for the work of ministry, unto their mature stature in Christ, in the unity of the faith. The means to reach this goal is to preach, teach and model to others how to worship the Lord, both in their service to Him in corporate worship and in their respective callings and roles in life — how to glorify and enjoy our God, which is their chief purpose in all of life.

Efren Echipare
Efren Echipare / Norfolk, Va.
Grow the local church to be more Christ-like by preaching sermons that are Christ-centered, Bible-centered and practical. Raise the whole church to the same level as the pulpit. by preaching sermons that are Christ-centered, Bible-centered and practical. Encourage the church to continue to be in love, first and foremost, with her Bridegroom. by helping maintain a consistent personal and family devotions. Advance the church’s love for the lost. by raising the awareness for Gospel outreach and training to evangelize and leaving the results to our sovereign God. Train the church to be careful to give God all the blessings, glories and honors for He alone deserves them. by encouraging to regularly approach the throne of grace with awe, confidence and humility.

Wayne Rogers
Wayne Rogers / Hoover, Ala.
Serving the saints in nurture, edification, growth in grace, and pastoral care. Building them up in the faith, bringing them to maturity in Christ, equipping them to live and serve as God’s people personally, in the church fellowship, in the community and world in which they live and socialize, in their home, marriage, parenting, in their work and vocation, and in the world today.
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