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The mission of the Greenville Seminary Alumni Association is to provide a liaison between the alumni of the Seminary and the Seminary's trustees, administration, staff, faculty, students, and friends. It's purpose is to:

  • Keep alumni conversant with the programs and activities of the Seminary;
  • Provide financial support to the Seminary and its programs;
  • Develop alumni programs that foster fellowship among alumni and encourage theological and spiritual growth of the seminary community; and,
  • Assist the Seminary in the growth of its academic, administrative, cultural, and extracurricular activities.


The Alumni Association seeks, by God's help and the cooperation of its members, to be a dynamic, member-driven organization, motivated by values of the historic Reformed Faith and directed towards supporting the social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of all present and future alumni of Greenville Seminary.

The Alumni Association seeks to achieve this vision by:

  • Promoting a strong relationship between alumni and the seminary.
  • Advancing the unique needs of alumni, while supporting the seminary's goals
  • Developing an awareness of Greenville Seminary's history, accomplishments, programs, and offerings.
  • Promoting the Seminary distinctiveness among all graduates and constituency.
  • Providing the Seminary with insight into the needs of the communities it serves.
  • Assisting and advancing the alumni in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Continuing the friendships formed in the seminary.
  • Building strong and mutually beneficial ties between the Seminary and its diverse alumni
  • Promote goodwill in the community.
  • Creating a dynamic alumni program that will stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the Seminary.

Implementing the Vision

Alumni of the Seminary can help implement the association's vision in the following ways:

  • Pray frequently for your alma mater, both in your personal devotions and in the corporate prayers of your church.
  • Personally support the seminary financially.
  • Request and recommend to your church that it support the seminary with regular gifts, special offerings or student support.
  • Serve as a local ambassador for Greenville Seminary at conferences, ministerial association meetings or other events.
  • Make yourself available as a guiding consultant to upcoming graduates on what to expect in their search for a pulpit or other avenue of Kingdom service.
  • Contribute articles and comments to Katekomen, the seminary's online journal.
  • Maintain contact with other alumni for mutual support and encouragement.
  • Attend the seminary's annual Spring Theology Conferences and Summer Institutes as part of your continuing education and theological and spiritual growth.
  • Patronize and recommend the seminary bookstore.
  • Encourage members of your congregation to take advantage of estate planning opportunities offered through the seminary.
  • Recruit prospective students and ask your church leaders or regional bodies to financially support them through our tuition waiver program.
  • Serve as a mentor to a distance-learning student in your area.
  • Volunteer as a chapel speaker.
  • Serve on seminary committees and projects.

Officers and Membership

The association has two officers, a president and an association representative on the Seminary's Board of Trustees. Officers are elected at the association's annual meeting during the Seminary's Spring Theology Conference in March and serve terms of three years. Members unable to attend are given an opportunity to vote for officers by electronic means.

Members include graduates of Greenville Seminary and non-graduates who attended the Seminary. It is the responsibility of members to keep the Seminary staff informed of current contact information.

Alumni Tip: If you would like to request transcripts please email registrar@gpts.edu

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