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Dr. Sidney Dyer

Dean of Students | Professor of Greek & New Testament

"Those who teach biblical languages are obligated not only to provide excellent instruction, they are also to motivate their students by convincing them that their call to the ministry requires proficiency in the languages."


Bob Jones University, B.A.

Bob Jones University, M.A.

Bob Jones University, Ph.D.


Professor, Providence Theological Seminary, 1988-1990

Pastor, Agape Presbyterian Church (OPC), 1991-2001

Vice President, West Indies Reformed Ministries, 1997-2000

Local Board Member, Bethany Christian Services, 2003-2006

Member, OPC Committee on Christian Education, 2012-present

Professor, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1990-present

Select Publications

  • An Introductory Grammar to Biblical Hebrew (author)
  • A Preparatory Grammar to New Testament Greek (author), Ambassador International, 2008
  • "The New Testament Doctrine of Creation" in Did God Create in 6 Days (edited by Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. & David W. Hall), Tolle Lege Press, Presbyterian Press, & The Covenant Foundation, 2006
  • "The Lucan Intent of Acts" in Biblical Viewpoint (journal), 1985
  • "The Salvation of Believing Israelites Prior to the Incarnation of Christ" in Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, 2001
  • "N.T. Wright's Ecumenical Agenda" in New Southern Presbyterian Review, 2002
  • "Inspired with Errors: An Oxymoron" in Ordained Servant (online magazine), 2011

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